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Friday, May 31, 2013

My Breakup: Advice Please?

"I hope someday he feels what its like to have his heart stop like that, when some girl rips it out and throws it on the ground, 'cos if he feels what it's like to have his heart broken to pieces, maybe then he'll quit his stomping on my broken heart."

Lyrics for a new song I'm writing....about my ex. So I thought everything was going fine last Friday, but when I got to band, his friend came up to me and said "Jimmy-" ex boyfriend's code name "-wants to break up with you because you get mad at him too much." and then the kid walked away. This all happened mere hours before a huge banquet that I'd been planning for MONTHS on going to with him. Today, exactly one week later, I was in band again practicing my solo for a solo contest I have tomorrow. Jimmy walked up out of nowhere and stole my sheet music and made me chase after him for it. Unfortunately, Jimmy is seven inches taller than me and he held it up out of my reach and made me jump for it like the cruel heartless jerk that he is. He told me he wasn't going to give me my music until I had a talk with him. This upset me. I did talk to him though because I'd been praying for a situation like this to occur all week strangely enough (this whole experience has helped me grow closer to God). I told him how confused I was that I didn't know how I was supposed to react or how I was supposed to feel about him. He asked me if I was mad at him and I told him I wasn't sure but I thought it was a terrible thing to do, dumping a girl on the same day as the ____ grade banquet (something I will not reveal to you for privacy purposes). He told me he wanted to ask me something but couldn't get it out and couldn't seem to ask it. We talked the whole rest of the class period, because he gave me my music back, but was like "this is not over." The girls that I know pretty well but don't hang out with much were all crowded by the director's stand making broken heart signs while all of the dumb idiotic boys that Jimmy is friends with were flashing him the thumbs up. The bell rang eventually and he got out of asking me whatever it was. Later on, I was texting my friend Alyss (pronounced "Alice" another code name) and she asked me if I wanted to know what he was gonna ask. She made me promise not to tell him she told me. Apparently, he was going to ask if I still liked him and was hoping I'd say "no" because that would be easier on him. I told her "I wouldn't have answered anyway, then, because the answer is yes," and she said, "I know." I asked her if she told him that and she said she couldn't remember but that whatever she said she also said that at this point I probably couldn't care less if it was easier on him or not. Which is true. I'm just so confused about the whole situation and how I'm supposed to feel. Before he was my boyfriend, he was like a brother to me....I don't want to lose our friendship. Help?

I guess my whole thing is that the last thing I said to him before he dumped me was that I love him. And it wasn't a lie. That's honestly how confused I feel.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Time No See

Why, hello there, faithful viewers. Long time no see. So I would like to inform you that I may be either starting a new blog or revving this one up a bit. As you may know, I am a writer. So...I'd like to start posting excerpts. Also, life has become a little bit more...interesting....since we've last met. So, I may begin sharing fun adventures from my happy little life. Allow me to introduce you to my crew. I've made new code names.
Luna= me
Mickey= My best friend in the whole wide world who does not go to my school because, sadly, I moved when I was eleven
Hope= Super, super close friend of mine. Practically my sister, best friends with Elizabeth. I've known Hope for about a year and a half now.
Alyss= Another practical sister of mine, best friends with Hope. I've known Elizabeth for about two years now, and been friends with her for one year. She's my writing partner and she's helped me see sides of me that no one else can.
Jimmy= My boyfriend. He's been one of my best friends for about a year, I've known him for nearly two and a half years now. We didn't used to get along too well and we're hitting some rough spots now but we can get through it, I just know it. His best friend is Haleigh.
Ryan= Sky's best friend, Elizabeth's boyfriend, and practically my brother. I've known him for two years now, and he's been my friend for one. He and Elizabeth haven't been going out for too long, but I was there when he asked her out it was super cute. I'd shipped them hard ever since Hope and John started going out.
John= Hope's boyfriend. I've known him for two years but only started to get to know him in January when he and Hope started going out. He's really sweet and he's also like a brother to me. Sky doesn't like him very much...
Ella= Hope's and my project partner. We have almost all of our classes together, she's one of my best friends I've been her friend for two years now.
Gene= I've known her since sixth grade, and she's one of the only five people I hung out with then that I consider a best friend now.
Ginger= My neighbor. She's been with me since I moved here, and that's hard because I know I'm tough to get to know. 
Hopefully that's good. Gotta run. By!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Little Cousin

My cousin Katy is five years old. Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, she was sooooo bored. So I introduced her to the old dolls in the closet. She fell in love instantly. Instead of playing with the dolls, though, she got out all of the dolls' food and set it all out on the table. She came tugging at my shirt saying "come on, the food is ready we gotta eat!" I followed her upstairs and reached for a "cupcake" when she proceeds to say. "NO! We have to pray first!" Of course, silly me. ;) So we held hands and she says, "Dear God, we thank you for this delicious food. We also thank you for birthdays, and the seasons, and street shows so that the poor can earn money if the rich like their shows and wish to pay them money..." She went on, and on, and on, about all sorts of things she needed to thank God for then finished with, "I hope you don't get sick 'cause then we won't get anything. Love ya' God. Amen." It was really sweet. I figured, hey I mean if that's what she's thankful's Thanksgiving so why not thank Him for it? Props to Katy. :) Love ya'!
<3 Key


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Okay so since it was on the twenty second I've decided to post 22 things I am thankful for. Post what you're thankful for in the comments!

  1. God, giving me the things, events, and people in my life that I need to keep going
  2. My twin sister for sticking by me through thick and thin
  3. My mother who is the planning queen and makes life all the more interesting for me
  4. My dad who is willing to help with any work that needs to get done
  5. My best friend, Sugar, who is such a great listener, sticks by me, laughs at all my jokes (funny or not) and most of all never fights with me no matter what
  6. My friend Kenster, who knows just how to make me happy when I'm sad, and give me something to do when I am bored
  7. My friend, Geo, who can always makes me smile and-believe it or not- has a ton in common with me
  8. My friend Katrina who makes the boring old school days interesting
  9. My guy friends who always add a little adventure in my life
  10. My other family who care about me so very much
  11. My friend Elizabeth who shares the fun times with me throughout all time
  12. Mr. Maxwell, my band director who has taught me so much
  13. Mrs. Skinner, my fifth grade social studies teacher, advisory teacher, UIL instructor, and drama club director who has taught me soooo much
  14. All of my English teachers who have helped me along the way of becoming a writer
  15. Mexican food. I know it's not as deep but I really like Mexican food
  16. Disney who, growing up, never failed to make me smile
  17. Shelter, because the weather in Texas is unforgiving
  18. Indoor plumbing/running water. If I couldn't take a shower daily God knows what I'd look like
  19. Baseball, the one sport I love and understand
  20. Music; Without music, my dreams would be crushed and I would never get anything done
  21. The neccessities: Air, food, water, clothes, etc.
  22. And my life on Earth, for without it I would not be as wise as I am- and getting wiser everyday.
Not to mention you guys who listen to me rant on and on about my boring life. :) <3 You

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Tex

Hey, hey, hey! So a lot of stuff has happened since I last blogged and I totally meant to blog before now (sorry about that) but life has been incredibly hectic. :P So back to me. Ha ha  I'd like to talk about a pending topic, possibly something that will get this blog on Google Search results, you never know. Big Tex. If you live in Texas, you should know who this is. If not, you might. It was on national news. At the State Fair of Texas, there used to be this fifty-foot cowboy named Big Tex who would wave to you when you came to the fair and go "Howdy, folks, and welcome to the State Fair of Texas!" He was a pretty beast cowboy. That's not all he'd say but you get the gist. Well, yesterday he burned down in a fire that started with an electrical short (they think in his mouth) and all that was left was his skeleton and his arms. I'd like to list some fin facts about Big Tex for you:
~In 1949, Big Tex was a 49 foot Santa Claus at some store in Texas to try and prevent it from going out of business
~The Santa had 7 feet of unraveled rope for a beard
~When the store actually did go out of business, they sold him to the fair owner
~The owner then had Dickie's clothe him and make him look like a cowboy, rather than a Santa (Not as creepy a cowboy as he was a Santa)
~He stood, proudly welcoming fair goers, for sixty years
~This week (the week of his death) was the week the fair-workers chose to celebrate his sixtieth birthday
~He has always had various technical problems, but a fire was unexpected
Now for a series of pictures in memory of Big Tex, and showing his fiery state:
   We love you Big Tex

Friday, June 8, 2012

Back for SUMMER

Heeeeeyyyyyyy Guuuuuyyyyyyssssss. It has been a while. I’ve been quite busy, with school and whatnot. But, it is finally summer. And, though I plan to hang out with friends and swim in the pool as much as possible, I will try to keep up with the blog because I want to keep as many loyal fans as possible. Please email for advice. Then, check out to find the advice that I’ve posted under a title of the name that you used anonymously to ask for advice! :)

<3 Key

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ah, the fun of curley fries! No I will not spend this whole post talking about Arbies, although they are awesome...But, I recently got teeth pulled and so eating isn't as swell as it used to be. SIX TEETH WERE PULLED! Four of them were permenant!!!! Anyway so my Paw Paw's birthday is on the 31rst of January and we went out to dinner. Katy is the only cousin I have who is younger than me but Robert is the closest in age. he is fourteen and...interesting...He slowly scooped up salsa and then messed up my hair and said "ello, ello!" How wierd is that?! It is now a running inside joke between me and my sister to go "ello ello" when we want to laugh. Also CSI Neverland was performed at school.